I Got a Search Bar!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Pet

This has got to be my next pet...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have returned!
Did you all miss me? Anyone?

Anyway, here are a couple sites:

First up, Tropicana is going back to it's old packaging and "retiring" its recently released, very generic look.
The new packaging:
"Redesigned packaging that was introduced in early January is being discontinued, executives plan to announce on Monday, and the previous version will be brought back in the next month."
"“I’m incredibly surprised by the reaction,” he added, referring to the complaints about his agency’s design work, but “I’m glad Tropicana is getting this kind of attention.”"

Surprised that his company's work is hated so much is more like it...
If you recall I previously wrote about my distaste for the new packaging.

A little entertaining, a little annoying. But I'm happy to say he's from Boston.

Here's a pretty cool card trick... make sure you watch til the end.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Couple Pre-Vacation Vids

Hello fans and random internet wanderers!
Sadly, I am going away to someplace warm and sunny for a week, so I will not be updating for a bit.
The good news? I have a few new videos to share with you!

First up, a pretty cool science video of someone testing high voltage electricity with plasma.
Translation: jello shots, lightning, and fire!

Next, is this funky video of a dog that hates the Happy Birthday Song...
Why? I have no idea, but it's still entertaining.

Last, is a video of a Norwegian kid.
And if that's not funny enough, it's of him going nuts when his dad bans him from playing Playstation.

The best part is when he thinks he outsmarted his dad and touts that he will simply play when he goes to work. Only to realize, he's been way overmatched. Take that little Norwegian!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Remi Gaillard

Apparently Remi Gaillard is famous in France for his pranks.
I had never heard of him, but the man is a genius.

Take a look at some of his antics below:

I think the first and third are my favorite...
But wait! The fun doesn't stop there!
Visit his site: http://www.nimportequi.com/

Unfortunately, I can't read French so I just went around clicking things.
Fortunately, everyone knows the language of Comedy!

OK, lame joke.
But check out this video, the man can shoot!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Wednesday

Sorry, no Monday post this week!
Been feeling a little lazy with all this snow around...

Instead, here are a few random links:

Verizon FiOS may have the highest rated service (JD Power & Assoc), but it's customer support is still terrible.

As with most GraphJam entries, this is much too true...

And finally, more rich people not paying taxes:
(via Michael Ramirez)