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Thursday, June 18, 2009

In the News: June 18, 2009

Here's another quick update on two articles I found interesting today.

South African rape survey shock

Anti-rape protesters in South Africa
South Africa's government has been
urged to solve the rape epidemic

This is pretty incredible... I can't imagine a society that would allow this to perpetuate and grow to this magnitude.

"One in four South African men questioned in a survey said they had raped someone, and nearly half admitted having attacked more than one victim."

"The study, by the country's Medical Research Council, also found three out of four who admitted rape had attacked for the first time during their teens.

It said practices such as gang rape were common because they were considered a form of male bonding."

"Using an electronic device to keep the results anonymous, the study found that 73% of respondents said they had carried out their first assault before the age of 20."

"The study found that one in 10 men said they had been raped by other men."


Woman illegally downloads 24 songs, fined to tune of $1.9 million

Clearly she was being made an example of, but everyone better be on the lookout!
It's a losing battle for the RIAA and their lawyers, but they'll catch a couple people a year as a warning to everyone else... Which will be ignored and file sharing will continue to proliferate. Haha.
Can't blame them for trying though.

Illegal downloads of musical files will cost a Minnesota woman $1.9 million, a jury has decided.
Illegal downloads of musical files will cost a
Minnesota woman $1.9 million, a jury has decided.

"A federal jury Thursday found a 32-year-old Minnesota woman guilty of illegally downloading music from the Internet and fined her $80,000 each -- a total of $1.9 million -- for 24 songs."

"This was the second trial for Thomas-Rasset. The judge ordered a retrial in 2007 after there was an error in the wording of jury instructions.

The fines jumped considerably from the first trial, which granted just $220,000 to the recording companies."

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