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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FailBlog: September 1, 2009

Whoa... it's September already?!
Anyway, what better way to celebrate than making fun of other people?

A few recent faves from FailBlog:

Parental Rights Fail

fail owned pwned pictures
Note the first few sentences:
"In life, he was a lousy father.
His love for the crack pipe..."

Why is this even being considered?!


Public Speaker Fail

I remember hearing about this...
Reading about it didn't even come close to describing this woman's monologue.


Privacy Fail

fail owned pwned pictures

OK, the patio furniture is a little weird, though I've heard there are some very fancy women's rooms out there.
But the second toilet? Notice the handy standalone toilet paper dispenser. I mean, you know how annoying it is having to ask the guy next to you for a couple sheets...


Bus Ride Fail

I really don't know what's going on here or why, but it's just funny to watch.


Facebooking Win

Facebooking it right

This was probably her first and last post...
And then she never tried her hand at that "internet thing" ever again.
(FailBlog via Emails From Crazy People)


Cameraman Fail

Q: Why did the cameraman pan over to the non-speaking anchor?
A: To get a goofy, confused expression out of him.

I would say: Cameraman Win


Thong Fail

fail owned pwned pictures

Not that I've worn a lot of thongs, but something funky is going on there...

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gotr0 said...

i heard the facebook thing is really a hack. Still funny.