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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Post With Some Thought!

Hello faithful followers!
Sorry I've only had time for quick updates lately. I've been preparing for some standardized testing!

Anyway, on to the fun stuff!

First, from our friends at Ugliest Tattoo.
I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen more often...
*edit* Never mind, there is a whole site dedicated to this sort of thing.

"This gentleman, for example, thought he did everything right by going to Japan to get a native speaker to do his tattoo, which he was told read “Dragon Soul,” whatever the hell that means:"

"Unfortunately, the joke is—literally—on him, because it says “gaijin,” the derogatory Japanese word for “foreigner.”"

Email From a Crazy Person?
No, not really, more like a hilarious radio prank call.

Probably Bad News
And yet somehow they got "Blagojevich" right...

And finally, our favorite internet networking site does it again!

Taco Bell, what have you done?

He could care less the remaining 20 days...

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