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Monday, November 30, 2009

SF Ballet Contest

OK, so a little promotion here.
A couple of friends are in a competition to win tickets to San Francisco (and other prizes).
Maybe if I post it they'll take me along.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

In the News: November 29, 2009

Most of this stuff isn't terribly recent, but I've been meaning to post them for a while.

Belgian pleads guilty to US-Iran arms sales charges

File photo of Iranian F-5 fighter jet, June 2009
Officials say Jacques Monsieur planned to export parts for F-5 fighter jets

"An alleged Belgian arms dealer has pleaded guilty to conspiring to illegally export jet engines and parts from the US to Iran, officials say.

The suspect, Jacques Monsieur, now faces a maximum prison sentence of six years and a $250,000 (£150,000) fine.

Mr Monsieur, a resident of France, was arrested in August in New York."

"They alleged the defendant had wired $110,000 (£68,000) to a bank account in Alabama in July as payment for jet parts and had promised another $300,000 as down payment for two engines. 

The parts could have been used as replacements in the aging military jets sold to Iran by the US before the 1979 Iranian revolution."

I'll admit it, though the case is important because of the potentially deadly outcome had he succeeded, I was more amused by the man's name.
Jacques Monsieur. In France you would have to call him Monsieur Monsieur. I wonder if he gets confused when people are calling out to each other in a polite fashion....

This is pretty awesome.
Federal judge cites Adam Sandler's "Billy Madison" in order

"In what is surely a first for the federal judiciary, a Texas bankruptcy judge has quoted from the Adam Sandler film canon in a recent opinion. Dismissing a motion due to "incomprehensibility," Judge Leif Clark cited a scene from "Billy Madison," Sandler's 1995 comedy, in a footnote to a February 21 court order."

Excerpt from the motion dismissal:

Follow the link for the full order.
(thanks to Nithya)

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Movie Trailer: Babies


(link thanks to Nithya)

Saturday Screenings

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!
Vacation is almost over, so here are a few videos to take your mind of that thought.

Let's start with something light and fluffy.
And what's lighter and fluffier than a kitten?

(via Neatorama)

On to the heavier stuff.
Jennifer Lopez falling at the AMAs. (Not that I'm calling her heavy...)

(via Gawker)

More vids after the break!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

And now, demonstrating the real story behind Thanksgiving, as only kids can.

(link thanks to Zach B)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I forget where I first saw lunchbreath, but he's pretty awesome.
(I'm assuming it's a 'he' because of the little avatar next to his username).

Anyway, here are a few favorites:

He's solved the country's health care problem:

Mastered foreign policy:

And figured out the meaning of life:

Elect this man president!

Possibly my favoirte:

And a few more after the break!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Awesome Portrait: Joseph Ducreux

This is actually why I started the post on awesomeness, but it was getting too long and this guy actually deserves a post to himself.
I'm pretty sure he created the word 'awesome'.

French painter Joseph Ducreux created this awesome self-portrait way back in 1793:
I had a hard time believing that it was an actual portrait until I looked it up on Wikipedia (which we know always has correct information).

Naturally, with a portrait like that, the internet embraced the 18th century painter as one of their own and the Joseph Ducreux meme was born.

Down the rabbit hole for more....


Super Awesome Stuff

The Simpsons are awesome
Therefore a real house that is modeled after the Simpsons' is awesome.

 Compared to the 'original':

Even the interior is replicated:

Although as cool as it is, I'm not sure I would want to live there.
(via Neatorama)

History is awesome
Amazing graphic representation of the decline of the British, French, Portugese, and Spanish empires from 1800 to 2009.

Seriously, how cool is that?!

More awesome stuff after the break!


Friday, November 20, 2009


This Cat Betrayed His Girlfriend
A little cheesy, but I just couldn't stop watching the drama! 

(thanks Derrick)

Risky Business Fail
It seemed like such a good idea...

Star Wars Weekend Ads at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Some of these are pretty funny.

More after the jump....


Thursday, November 19, 2009

TDC Flashmob

Picture Post: November 19, 2009

There is something wrong with our school system...

Note: despite the completely wrong answer and language, the teacher still gave him half a point.

Twilight: exposing homosexuality since 2005

Break it down!

In the News: November 18, 2009

Let's start off with the important stuff:

Darth Vader Robotic Arm
Quite possibly the coolest Star Wars toy ever. I actually don't know how it works (that kid is turning knobs of some sort), but it looks awesome.

Plastic chemicals 'feminise boys'
This is pretty crazy...

"Chemicals in plastics alter the brains of baby boys, making them "more feminine", say US researchers.

Males exposed to high doses in the womb went on to be less likely to play with boys' toys like cars or to join in rough and tumble games, they found.

The University of Rochester team's latest work adds to concerns about the safety of phthalates, found in vinyl flooring and PVC shower curtains."
No washing vinyl floors or showering for my baby mama! It's gonna be a smelly 9 months...

"The same researchers have already shown that this can mean boys are born with genital abnormalities.

Now they say certain phthalates also impact on the developing brain, by knocking out the action of the male hormone testosterone."

I learned that I can put a break in my entries!
So here goes....
Read on after the break!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Movie Monday: November 16, 2009

The ever escalating Prank Wars continue:

Visit CollegeHumor for past pranks. Playing with someone's life might be crossing a line, but this one is just cruel.

Kitty Red Light, Green Light

Oli Lemieux of Cirque du Soleil
Gymnastics: Not just for underdeveloped little people anymore.

(via Neatorama)

Manu vs. the bat
Old, but still awesome.
Although apparently the pest-control agent thought the bat was dead (it wasn't), the bat flew away, and Manu had to get several rabies shots just in case.

Carl Sagan: The Musical
One of the only appropriate uses for the auto-tune:

(link thanks to DiP)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Eh... here are a couple things to keep you entertained:

A few of you may have heard about this woman before.
People in Korea, watch out!

Korean Woman Passes Driver's Test on 950th Try

"It seems like only yesterday that Cha Sa-soon was failing her 775th written driver's test, but in fact it was February. Cha, a 68-year-old grandmother from South Korea, had been taking the test every two days or so starting sometime in 2005, but had never been able to score the required 60 percent.

Turns out, the 950th time is the charm."

"Officer Choi also said that now that Cha had passed the written test after four years of trying, all she would need to do in order to become licensed was pass the actual driving test. He didn't say when Attempt No. 1 in that series would take place."
I wonder how many times she'll try the driving test...

Cop Fail

The newsperson cracking up in the background is priceless.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day 2009

Thank you to all our veterans, past and present, for your service and sacrifice.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Picture Post

A few images to delight your rods and cones.

Interesting label swap:

(via Inspire me, now!)

I could totally see this happening... the boxes are so close to each other!

The Dog Gets Quite Jealous

"Live-in ex-wife" sounds like such a bad idea...


They need the flashlights since they're afraid of the dark.

Yang Liu created these images depicting one's perception in West (blue) and East (red) cultures.

In the restaurant

Just a bit louder...


That red line should extend to the half-hour mark.

Queue when Waiting

Those little old ladies are always cutting me off!

What's Trendy

(via Inclusion Paradox, click for more!)

Christopher Walken

Comedic genius.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Movie Monday

Not exactly movies, but here are a few videos I've been sent the past few days:

Google Docs: A love letter
See how one lovestruck student collaborates with Google Docs.

(Thanks to Nick)

Party in the FIP
Incredibly gay (carefree and happy!), incredibly amusing.

(Thanks to Nithya)

Sitting on the...
I had to watch it, now you have to watch it.

(Thanks, or no thanks, to Vick)

From the makers of BigDog!
"Used (at the moment) to test chemical warfare clothing for the US Army, the Petman is able to move at 3.2 mph, recreating the natural heel-toe stride that we employ in our walking motion.

In addition to walking, the Petman can crawl and perform various calisthenics, perspiring all the while from its artificial sweat glands.

(via PopSci)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Odd Stories, In the News: November 7, 2009

Hideous Rodent May Provide Cure For Cancer
Like the platypus, another joke from Mother Nature.

"Naked mole rats are unique in many ways. For one, they're the only mammals with a hive mind, obeying their queen as if they were ants. Also, they feel no pain, an adaptation still not fully understood. But most importantly for us, they are the only animals that don't get cancer."

"According to the scientists, the mole rat's cells express a gene that tells cells to stop dividing. The gene, called p16, forms a second ring of defense against cancer. Most mammals, including humans, only have one gene, p27, protecting cells from cancer. And while most cancers know a way around p27, p16 stops them cold."

"Naked mole rats were already known for their extreme longevity, living much longer than other similarly sized rodents. This was thought to result from their ability to massively slow down their metabolism during times of privation, but this immunity to cancer almost certainly also contributes to their long lifespans.

Some other mole rat facts: their lips are behind their front teeth, they breathe mostly through their skin, and acid doesn't really burn them. I don't know what planet these things are from, but if they're helping cure cancer, I'm glad they're here."

Customs find snakes taped to man

Maybe he was trying to make his way to Paris for Fashion Week.

"A man has been arrested in Norway after trying to smuggle 24 reptiles into the country by taping them to his body.

Fourteen royal pythons rolled up in socks were found taped to the man's torso and 10 geckos held in small boxes were taped to his legs. Lucy Sheppard reports."

"After finding a tarantula in the man's bag, customs officials decided to give him a full body search that revealed 14 stockings - one for each snake - taped around his torso, the tabloid said."

""Customs officers quickly realised the man was smuggling animals, because his whole body was in constant motion," Mr Breilid told VG.

When the man dropped his pants, the officers found 10 cans taped to his legs, each containing a lizard, he said."

Brazil man appears at own funeral

"A 59-year-old Brazilian man has surprised his family by turning up at his own funeral, local media report.

Relatives of Ademir Jorge Goncalves, a bricklayer, had identified him as the victim of a car crash in southern Parana state the previous day.

Police told O Globo newspaper that relatives had trouble identifying the corpse because it was badly disfigured.

It emerged that Mr Goncalves had spent the night drinking a rum-like liquor called "pinga" with his friends.

He did not get word of his funeral until it was already happening on Monday morning, his niece Rosa Sampaio said.

"A police spokesman welcomed the happy ending: "Before long, the walking dead appeared at the funeral. It was a relief," the unnamed officer told the paper.

The body was correctly identified later, he said, and buried in another state."

I can only imagine how awkward that scene may have been.
First, the relatives who identified the body must have felt pretty dumb. Second, imagine a hung over 59-year old stumbling over to his own funeral.
I bet they all went out to celebrate after that, but no pinga drinking.

Bald Bear

If you ever wondered what a bear looked like without its fur, here is one:

A unknown condition has affected all the female bears in a zoo in Leipzig.

"The bears, which originate from South America, normally have fluffy dark brown fur and would now be growing a thicker fur coat to keep warm during the winter.

But instead they have developed nasty rashes and inflammations on their skin."

And here is what they should look like:

(Link thanks to T)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Hood Shootings

Thoughts and condolences go out to the shooting victims and their families.

(Ben Sklar / Getty Images) (link)

"A solider suspected of fatally shooting 12 and wounding 31 at Fort Hood in Texas on Thursday is not dead as previously reported by the military, the base's commander said Thursday evening.

A civilian officer who was wounded in the incident shot the suspect, who is "in custody and in stable condition," Army Lt. Gen. Robert Cone told reporters.

"Preliminary reports indicate there was a single shooter that was shot multiple times at the scene," Cone said at a news conference. "However, he was not killed as previously reported."

The suspect, identified as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, opened fire at a military processing center at Fort Hood around 1:30 p.m., Cone said."

"Hasan, 39, is a graduate of Virginia Tech and a psychiatrist licensed in Virginia who was practicing at Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood, according to military and professional records. Previously, he worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

A federal official said Hasan is a U.S. citizen of Jordanian descent. Military documents show that Hasan was born in Virginia and was never deployed outside the United States. "

"Hasan was scheduled to be deployed to Iraq "and appeared to be upset about that," Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, said."

"Fort Hood, with about 40,000 troops, is home to the Army's 1st Cavalry Division and elements of the 4th Infantry Division, as well as the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment and the 13th Corps Support Command. It is located near Killeen, Texas.

The headquarters unit and three brigades of the 1st Cavalry are currently deployed in Iraq.

At least 25,000 people are at Fort Hood on any given day, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon said.

Fort Hood is home to the Warrior Combat Stress Reset Program, which is designed to help soldiers overcome combat stress issues."

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street!

As with most children growing up in 1969 and later, I grew up watching Sesame Street.
And this year it is celebrating its 40th birthday!

Even Google is getting in on the celebration:

Apparently they're doing a different one everyday!




(Tickle-me-Elmo was not part of the original cast...)


And CNN had this article:

When "Sesame Street" premiered, Oscar the Grouch was much grouchier than he is today.

"In the early days of "Sesame Street" -- that is, B.E. (Before Elmo) -- Sesame Street was a pretty grimy place.

The brownstone at 123 Sesame Street looked like it needed a serious power washing, the storefront of Mr. Hooper's shop was intentionally dingy and the Fix-It Shop's window was cluttered with toasters. It was gritty, but gritty in a magical way."

"Those early years are now available on DVD; and the discs contain a disclaimer that essentially states that they are intended for nostalgia purposes only. The warning reads as follows:
Video: Stars remember 'Sesame Street'

"These early 'Sesame Street' episodes are intended for grown-ups, and may not suit the needs of today's preschool child.""

"Cookie Monster used to become so overwhelmed by his desire for cookies that he'd start seeing (hallucinating about?) cookies that weren't actually there. He'd eat (rotary) telephones, typewriters (what are those?), pencils, almost anything. It was funny.

Today, Cookie Monster's diet is much more balanced, as he has adopted the philosophy that cookies are a "sometimes food." Cookie coincidentally changed his tune in 2006 amidst reports that childhood obesity had reached epidemic proportions."

"Early "Sesame Street" had some other elements that would not pass muster today. Oscar the Grouch is just plain nasty, children are seen riding their bikes without helmets, and there's even a sketch where the human character of Gordon can be seen approaching a little girl on the street. He takes her by the hand and brings her into his house for milk and cookies (again with the cookies!). Clearly, that could be misinterpreted by today's standards."

I haven't watched a new Sesame Street episode in years, but from the description in this article, it sounds watered down and sterile.
However, it was an integral part of growing up and I'm glad that it will be to kids for years to come.

Here's a censored song from a classic episode:

Hmm... I guess it was much worse than I remember. I suppose it's a good thing they toned it down.

Happy Birthday Sesame Street!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Science Sunday

OK, so it's Tuesday...
But alliteration is so much more fun!

A couple science-related thingers:

Astronomy Picture of the Day has a beautiful pictures of the Ares 1 launch last week.

"Pictured above, the Ares 1-X blasts into space while the top part of the rocket becomes engulfed in a shock collar of water droplets likely created by the sudden drop of air pressure."

Man as Industrial Place
Very cool video showing how the human body would work if it were run by machines and little men inside us.

(via Neatorama)

Monday, November 2, 2009


No, I have not seen the movie yet. I was just watching trailers on Apple.com/trailers and came across the Amelia trailer.

As my mind tends to wander, I immediately thought of this for some reason:

But back to the movie...
I'm not a huge Hilary Swank fan, so I'm not sure I'll go see it. (If anyone has, please let me know how it was!)

And I don't know about you, but I much prefer cute-as-a-button 'Amy Adams Amelia'

to tomboyish 'Hilary Swank Amelia'.

Regardless of which is more historically correct.

And yes, maybe I didn't pick the most flattering pictures of Ms. Swank, but tell me you don't agree.

Song of the Moment: Kenny Chesney (with Dave Matthews) - I'm Alive

Nice mellow tune...

Official video here.
(Sony always blocks embedding).

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Andre Agassi's Wig

Normally I don't like to post about pop-culture gossip (i.e. anything they would put in Us and most things in People), but Agassi is my boy.

Agassi admits mane was a wig

Clearly the mullet was sexy...

"Former tennis star Andre Agassi has admitted the lion mane-style hairstyle he sported during the 1990s was actually a wig, in extracts from his autobiography published in British newspapers Saturday."

"It was actress Brooke Shields, who he married, who persuaded him to cut off all his remaining hair. "She said I should shave my head," he said. "It was like suggesting I should have all my teeth out. "Nevertheless, I thought for a few days about it, about the agonies it caused me, the hypocrisy and lies." But after taking the plunge, "a stranger stood before me in the mirror and smiled," Agassi said."

But this is pure class:

And the AFP randomly throws in this tidbit:
"In previous excerpts, Agassi admitted he had used the drug crystal methamphetamine in 1997."