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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama Speech: December 1, 2009

In case you missed it:

I thought it was an excellent speech. Maybe the best I've heard from him, although it may also be because for the most part, I was in agreement with most of what he said.
Some might say he was trying to appease too many people with it, but I think his choice was the most logical, balancing left/right politics, actual military needs, and citizens' concerns.
He will not send the full 40,000 troops as requested, but compromised with 30,000 and anticipates additional troops from NATO allies. Democrats against sending any troops will be disappointed, but he also implemented a timetable for withdrawal. Republicans will be upset about the timetable, but I truly believe Obama is competent enough to reassess the plan as milestones are achieved.
For example, as much as I disagreed with the "immediate" closing of Guantanamo, which obviously isn't going to plan, I like the fact that Obama is accepting the schedule slip and not rushing to meet his stated deadline. I believe he will take similar steps with Afghanistan.

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chi-fong said...

nice, thanks for posting! i was busy studying last night. it was a good speech. sometimes his speeches just kinda drag on, but this one kept my attention. not everyone's though... there's a sleepy cadet at 25:57! i bet that would've been zach.