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Monday, January 18, 2010

Now Available on the Internet!: Sarcasm

A Michigan company has created a symbol to eliminate awkward responses to misinterpreted instant messages and emails!
Hooray! (Note: that was a sarcastic exclamation. I'm not really that excited about it. Now if only I had a way to signify that...)

Here it is.... Are you ready for it?

Ta da!

Yup. That's it. A malformed @ symbol, or SarcMark as it's been named.
And for the low price of $1.99 you can use it too!

The company even created a slogan:

I wonder how much money was pumped into this project....
That backwards apostrophe symbol (`) was probably created for free and how often does he get used?
You know, the one that shares a key with the tilde (~). Yea, he even gets his own key!

Well, if you really want it, you can purchase it here.
Maybe it'll get more popular, but I wont... hold my breath [sarcasm_symbol.jpg]
OK, this is stupid... I'll just stop there.
(via/blame Neatorama)

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