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Monday, February 8, 2010

Health Care debate will finally be telvised

White House official: Feb. 25 health care meeting to be televised

Despite a campaign promise to televise health care debate on C-SPAN, this will be the first.

Apparently an honest and transparent government only comes after you lose the super-majority and are forced to work with the other side.
But working on it...

"President Obama's bipartisan meeting on health care reform planned for February 25 will be broadcast live, a senior administration official said Monday.

Coverage details were not complete, but the official said the White House expected "the whole thing to be live."

The half-day meeting is an attempt by the Obama administration to rescue health care legislation, a top domestic priority for the president. Televising it also would help fulfill a campaign promise by Obama that health care negotiations would be broadcast live."

"In a CBS interview broadcast nationally Sunday, Obama said: "What I'd like to do is have a meeting whereby I'm sitting with the Republicans, sitting with the Democrats, sitting with health care experts, and let's just go through these bills -- their ideas, our ideas -- let's walk through them in a methodical way so that the American people can see and compare what makes the most sense.""
(via CNN)

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