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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Schools Just Outside of Boston

Yes, Tufts and Harvard.


I've been getting sent a lot of links to this article in the Harvard Crimson.

I first read about it being made fun of on Bostonist (thanks Seth) and most recently read about it getting slammed by Gawker (thanks Adam), it's going national!

All in all, it's just a ridiculous article written by two Harvard kids trying to tame the mean streets of Cambridge/Somerville by taking a $15 cab ride (not sure why the T wasn't good enough) to Tufts, looking for a crazy kegger (on Valentine's Day Sunday?).
Not to mention it makes them sound like pretentious idiots (little surprise there) and does not help their cause to convince the world that their fecal matter smells less than the rest of the world.

Case in point:
Tufts at first seemed like a perfect fantasy option, ripe with potential and waiting to spring to life. We had a friend who knew about a party—a big one, with frat-ish people doing keg stands all over the place, and thousands of girls just waiting to slay themselves at our feet the moment they first got a peek at our Harvard gear. After all, isn’t this exactly what happened in high school? But we would brush away the siren fingers that playfully traced out the H’s on our jackets, knowing that on Valentine’s night, we would accept nothing less than true love.

Or this gem:
So, bantering in French with our cab driver, we eventually learned that frats were apparently the place to party at Tufts. Throwing all of our faith into the genial man, we soon found ourselves en route to frat row. As we drifted along the empty streets, we heard the muffled hum of what we hoped and prayed might just be Ke$ha. Desperately and sketchily, we leaned out the window and asked (demanded? Leeringly yelled?) the first collegiate-looking bunch we saw on the street where we could break a move or maybe find a quasi-pseudo-valentine. They pointed—probably just out of fear—to the closest frat house in sight.
You can't make this stuff up!

I'll let you read the rest of it yourself, but if you're up for some more Harvard-bashing, the here are a couple other entertaining stories that were linked to in the Bostonist article:
Harvard's alumni fail to dazzle in recession -the British make fun of Harvard grads for not being able to actually do anything after they graduate
Harvard Prof to Quadlings: "Walk the Frickin' Seven Minutes" - a Harvard professor makes fun of Harvard students for being lazy

Annnnd just for fun, the infamous 30 Rock episode:

P.S. It's OK, I still love you Harvard friends and family!

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