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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In the News: March 31, 2010

Just a quick news update.

'Stand and Deliver' teacher dies of cancer

"Jaime Escalante, the math teacher portrayed in the 1988 film "Stand and Deliver," died Tuesday after a battle with cancer, according to the actor who played him.

Escalante, 79, was surrounded by his wife, children and grandchildren when he died at his home in Roseville, California, said Edward James Olmos."

"Escalante became a hero for educators, earning him entrance to the National Teachers Hall of Fame and the Presidential Medal for Excellence in Education."

Sure 'Dangerous Minds' gave us Gansta's Paradise, but it was a total ripoff this movie/story.

Hahaha... Awesome.

India holy man quits after sex claim
Another candidate for sex-addiction treatment?

"A Hindu holy man in India has quit as head of a religious organisation after police launched a probe into allegations of obscenity against him.

Nithyananda Swami's announcement came weeks after a video emerged apparently showing him engaging in sexual acts with two women.

The guru has said he had done nothing illegal and the video scandal was "a false campaign"."

------------More news------------

Yard-Long Undersea Bug Terrorizes Robo-Sub, Internet

"This monstrosity surfaced on the Web this week, after first surfacing attached to a remotely operated undersea survey sub. While this 2.5-foot specimen is indeed more monstrous than most of its species, it's really just a harmless, friendly giant isopod, a sea scavenger that dwells in the deep, cold waters of the oceans.

Resembling giant woodlice, isopods are oceanic bottom-feeders, dining mostly on whale carcasses and the like. The vast majority of them are found at depths below 1,200 feet, so they are not generally sought out in any commercial capacity and therefore we don't see them very often. However, we hear isopod is something of a delicacy in Taiwan, where its white, lobster-like meat is boiled and enjoyed in seaside restaurants."

Paris robbers dig their way into bank
Kinda cool... and reminds me of Inside Man.

"A gang of robbers have dug their way into the vault of a Parisian bank and emptied almost 200 private safes, police said.

They entered the Credit Lyonnais branch near the opera house using building equipment to burn holes and shatter walls on Saturday night, reports say.

They tied up a security guard and spent the next nine hours robbing the bank before setting it on fire as they left."

The French criminals have been on a spree lately... I just read about this one the other day:
Switzerland casino is robbed by armed gang

"Masked men have stormed a packed casino near the Swiss border city of Basle, making off with hundreds of thousands of francs, prosecutors say.

About 10 raiders pulled up at the Grand Casino in two cars just after 0400 (0200 GMT) and smashed their way in, brandishing machine-guns and pistols.

The French-speaking gang ordered the 600 guests and employees to the floor while they emptied registers."

"The gang escaped in their cars, described as silver Audis with French licence plates, in the direction of France. Basle lies on the Swiss border, with French territory just 200m from the casino."

Italian Job, anyone?
I really hope the getaway looked something like this.

Fake Products and Companies Certified by Energy Star
Always thought Energy Star was a joke.
They allow companies to submit their own energy rating data and rarely fact check.

Tropic Thunder Appliances: A fake company site, setup by the GAO.
Apparently the EPA hasn't been out to the movies lately...

"The Government Accountability Office Punk'd Energy Star recently by submitting fake products and companies for certification. The Environmental Protection Agency's arbiters of efficiency standards rubber-stamped 15 out of 20 bogus products and a handful of fake firms became Energy Star Partners." Read the rest of the article.(Trust me, its good)

 Yes, an actual submission that they OK'd.
(Popular Mechanics)

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