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Sunday, March 28, 2010

John Stossel

In other news: I was flipping through the channels and saw one of my favorite reporters, John Stossel, on Fox Business.
Apparently he's changed stations to Fox??
I loved his "Give Me a Break" segment on 20/20, but apparently he has his own show now on Fox Business.
"The one-hour program will feature in-depth reports on domestic and international libertarian issues and will debut during the fourth quarter of this year in FBN's primetime lineup. Stossel and a panel of experts will explore a wide range of topics including civil liberties, the business of health care and Social Security."

Unfortunately, I can't say I tune in to the Fox News or Fox Business channels very often, but I thought his new show seemed pretty interesting, so maybe I'll set up the DVR and check out a few shows.

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