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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kittens and Babies

I recently posted this baby with a spoon and this epic kitty/baby battle, and realized kittens and babies are pretty awesome.

So here is a post dedicated to the two. Hopefully it will help you get over hump-day!

Shocked Kitty
(Not really sure why my gifs don't continuously repeat, but refresh the page if it's stopped)

Fat Baby
"Should I eat that?...."

Packaged Kitty
"I've been sent here to cuddle!"

Monster Baby
"Mike Wazowski!"

------------Oh there's more------------

'Not a Morning Person' Kity



Blond Kitty
"I'm so sexy!"

Spaghetti Baby
"Look! I'm eating!"

Roly-Poly Kitty

Awwww (gif)

Rice Baby
"Look! I'm eating!"

Puppy and Kitty
Clearly not a dog-person (kitten?)

Boots Baby
"I can get dressed all by myself!"

Classic Kitteh
"Nom nom nom"

Monkey Baby

Fat Cat (Margaret Cat)
"Huffff *wheez* sighhhhhhhhh"

Puppy and Baby
"Look! I'm eating!" (Please, no Korean/dog-eating jokes).

Alright, that's enough for now.
Hope that gives you a boost!

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