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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Missile Defense Agency Logo

Brand New, the branding blog I enjoying reading, just had an article up on the MDA changing its logo.
From something that would look nice as a NASA mission badge, to something a little more modern and, some argue, more (Islamic) radical?

"A slew of online publications are genuinely upset that the MDA logo looks like a combination of the Obama ‘08 campaign logo and the star and crescent moon symbol of Islam. Others have thrown in the Iranian Space Agency logo and the Soviet Union’s hammer and sickle flag, all as part of a series of codes that determine the agenda of the Obama administration. I threw in the Boeing logo just for kicks — hey, someone has failed to point out a corporate villain in all of this — and I also added perhaps the biggest oversight by the media, the use of Trajan. Cue Twilight Zone theme song."

You have to admit the new logo does look oddly similar to Obama's campaign logo. I don't really see the crescent in there anywhere though.
So... Let's just be clear: Obama's just putting his mark on an agency he just cut $1.2bn from their budget, but definitely not in cahoots with a rouge nation we put further sanctions on.

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