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Sunday, March 21, 2010

NBA Jam is back!

A Wii version of NBA Jam is going to be released in December!

"One word is synonymous with the most addictive two-on-two basketball in the history of the sport.


It's a word that instantly transports you back to 1993, when NBA Jam was introduced as the first arcade game officially licensed by the league and soon became the most lucrative coin-operated machine ever seen. It's a game so revered for its exaggerated dunks, long-distance swishes and unforgettable catchphrases ("He's on fire!") that literally dozens of current NBA players can't wait for December, when EA Sports unveils its updated version of NBA Jam for the Nintendo Wii."

Trust us on this one: There will be no fretting about the state of Kevin Garnett'sknees when
KG's likeness appears in the new home version of the groundbreaking arcade game NBA Jam.

"Bill Clinton is one of the more famous hidden characters to unlock with a cheat code from NBA Jam's early days. We're pestering our sources in the gaming community to find out if President Obama -- or Washington neighbor Gilbert Arenas -- can expect the same treatment in the 2010 edition."
(link thanks to Seth)

I really hope Obama is an unlockable character...

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