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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 Things I Learned on My Trip to Atlantic City

1. Tracy Morgan spends his free time on the Boardwalk

I actually have no idea who that is, but it certainly reminds me of a drunken (or regular) version of him...

2. 'Summer' in AC means 'grope time'
A statue outside the Tropicana titled "Summer". Just weird.

3. There is a Communist Bloc in the Tropicana
Three restaurants next to each other: Red Square (Russian), P.F. Chang's (Chinese), Cuba Libre (Cuban)


4. Say NO to drugs. Say YES to rugs.

5. Nissan is the new Jeep
Silly girl... you don't know what a Jeep is!

6. This cowboy needs a new pair of chaps

7. Port-O-Potty water can be reused in mini-golf fountains

8. Fresh Kills is a landfill on Staten Island
Despite the explanation: "Fresh Kills is named after the Little Fresh Kill and the Great Fresh Kill, two bodies of water that drained the swampland the dump was created on. The word "Kill" derives from the Dutch word "kil," meaning a body of water."
I'm certain that's just a cover-up for its actual purpose: dump site for unfortunate individuals who run across the mob.

What's that you say? Staten Island isn't near Atlantic City? That brings me to...
9. Do not listen when your GPS tells you to go home via I-278
Instead of bypassing NYC, it will take you on a scenic tour of all its boroughs.

And finally...
10. Some of us need to 'grow up'

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