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Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 Less-Than-Funny April Fool's Jokes

I mean, they may seem funny at first...

1. Calling your boss to tell him you're quitting.
It may just backfire on you.

2. Wedding proposal to your significant other
Yea... you don't want to mess with that sort of thing.

3. Falsely reporting the news
I kept checking CNN this morning to see if they would post anything funny, but all they had was Google Topeka's joke.
It makes sense.
Reporting on other jokes: Funny.
Making April Fool's jokes about things like homicide: Not funny
 Using that newfangled 'transistor radio' thing to broadcast an alien invasion: Pretty funny in hindsight.

God's April Fool's joke to the world.

5. That rubberband over the kitchen sink faucet joke 
Funny at first I guess, but it gets old pretty fast.
And some people just don't take it lightly...

Scratch that... it's still funny.

Happy April Fool's Day!

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