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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Barstool Sports: Boston

I've been reading Barstool Sports lately and thought I'd share a couple posts.
It's a little crude, a little offensive (to some), but hilarious nonetheless.

And here's a preemptive: 'Pardon the language'.

Get Me This Dog!

"See this is why I love dogs. This guy doesn’t give a fuck that he has no arms. Most humans and definitely all cats would be moping around feeling bad for themselves. Not this guy. He’s at the park daring dogs to race him and chasing balls and chasing sticks like it ain’t no thing. Like he doesn’t even know there is anything wrong with him. Just tail wagging doing his thing. That’s why I love dogs. Always happy. Always loyal. Always ready to have a kick ass time no matter what the situation. Get me this fucking dog!"

Rate This MIT Kid’s Proposal 

"If this wasn’t MIT I’d say there is no way this could be real, but all the normal rules of society and dating go right out the window when you’re talking about those cats. So this is probably an authentic proposal which makes me wonder what the girl hated most about it. Is it getting proposed to via a cartoon? Is it getting proposed to via an unfunny cartoon? Or is it getting a ring that appears to be purchased from one of those 25 cent machines that sells superballs in the Supermarket and shit?   Hmm tough call."

------------More please!------------

This Is The Only Superfan I Like

"This fucking guy is a legend. This is the 2nd time somebody has sent a picture in of Superfan XXXL. The other one was from the Winter Classic. Love this dude. He don’t give a fuck. He’s going to follow BC hockey around wherever they go just slamming nachos, wearing his Eagles hat and his hockey jersey cut in half. Finally somebody BC can be proud of. Seriously I may like this cat more than Big Daddy Smooth."

Marine vs. Floor Buffer: Who ya got?

Penguins Matt Cooke Gets Knocked The Fuck Out

"What’s that old expression? What goes around comes around? Well I think that applies here."

In case you're unaware of why he deserved it:

There is some debate on whether it was or was not intentional, but Cooke didn't feel bad or even apologize after.

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