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Monday, April 12, 2010

Guam May Capsize

Possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.
Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA), in an Armed Services Committee hearing on adding troops to our base on Guam:

First he wants confirmation that Guam is 12 by 7 miles. No confirmation from Adm. Robert Willard, but I suppose a valid question.
Just to make sure, he asks if its 24 long by 7 miles "wide at the least widest place on the island". Again, no confirmation.
Then he brings up his major concern: overpopulation could capsize the island.

I think I know what he's getting at, but I can't believe that he was a practicing lawyer for 25 years!
More importantly, I cannot believe people like this are representatives of our nation!

Just kidding everyone, Rep. Johnson explains that he was joking:

"After video of the exchange went viral on the Web, the two-term Democrat released a statement Thursday explaining that he was "obviously" joking.

"The subtle humor of this obviously metaphorical reference to a ship capsizing illustrated my concern about the impact of the planned military buildup on this small tropical island," Johnson said in the statement."

"The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last year that Johnson has battled Hepatitis C for more than a decade, an ailment that causes him to get "lost in thought in the middle of a discussion.""

Because Hep C is an excuse and becoming disoriented in the middle of discussion is something we want in Congressmen.

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