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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Since I don't really celebrate, here are a couple things that remind me of Easter:

This is a fun/weird activity you can do with your kids!
Apparently adding dyes to eggs before the hatch results in colored chicks.

Supposedly it does not harm them, but it just doesn't seem very nice.


and Bunnies
There are no fun color-dying activities with bunnies, so here are a few sketchy looking ones:

Would not let my child near this bunny...

 This one is for Horner:

------------Click for more------------
 If you really want to see more

I'm not sure why there is an Easter penguin...

What's with the pink?

Anyone want a balloon?


This one will give me nightmares:

Even more than the Donnie Darko rabbit

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