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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Video Post!

A very random assortment of videos.

Drunk Guy vs. Flip Flops
It's a long fought battle but in the end, man prevails (mostly).

(original seen on Barstool Sports)

Elton John's Oven Manual Song

(link thanks to Steve)


Tiny apartment transforms into 24 rooms

(link thanks to Matt)

Creepy moaning robot mouth


Creepy robot arms supposedly based on elephant trunks...

(engadget thanks to Denise)

All I know is that they look eerily like Doc Oc arms...

Wall perching UAV


Florida deputy chases, then tases his co-worker
Not a good way to flirt buddy...


Ukraine Parliament fight
This looks worse than high school...

(original story via BBC)

And finally...
This isn't a video, but it was captured on film:
Google StreetView to be precise.
"Last seen in Hammersmith, London, England: a teenage boy's pride. For now the whole world knows he's no match for his kid sister."

1 comment:

Vickie said...

OMG...I found the *same* videos, and I was gonna share them with you!...WEIRD. Well, not all the same...just the drunk flip flop one and the 344 sq ft apt one.