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Monday, June 14, 2010

A few pictures and a video


Keytar-playing platypus, could there be anything more awesome?

The latest advertising fad explained:
(The High Definite)

I'm not really sure why I find these so funny, but I do.

And a video!

2010 World Cup: England vs. USA - Lego style

(The High Definite)

------------More pictures and a video!------------


Zoo decoration fail:
This has to be broken somehow...


Hmm... this is true.
But I think I'll take the snub, rather than have to carry the baby around with me for 9 months, have my feet and legs swell, then have to push it, head-first, out... ummmmm. OK... visualization over.

Really? That worked?
(The High Definite)


'Lighting Fart, Girl Torches Butt'
The title says it all.

(Barstool Sports)

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