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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Michael Jackson Remembered

Tomorrow, June 25th, marks the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's sudden death.
So here's a post in honor of the King of Pop.

Very cool simplified rep of some definitive MJ moments:

'Beat It' Lego-style:

(If you want to compare, here's the original).

And you know you're good when you're still making headlines in death:

Michael Jackson has 'made $1bn' since his death

"Michael Jackson's estate has made more than $1bn (£677m) since his death a year ago, according to estimates by trade paper Billboard.

The magazine says Jackson's album sales have generated about $383m (£259m), while revenue from the film This Is It has hit nearly $400m (£271m)."

"The Sony Music Entertainment deal will see 10 albums of the late singer's music released over the next seven years, including one of previously unreleased material.

The estate is guaranteed between $200m (£135m) and $250m (£169.5m) for the deal but Billboard believes approximately $31m (£21m) of this will have been paid in the last 12 months."

Michael Jackson to star in new video game
Might not be as good as Dance Central, but I still want it.

"Singer Michael Jackson is to be captured in a new video game, developers Ubisoft have announced.

The game, which has yet to be given a title, will rate players' ability to dance like the late pop star.

It will be one of the first titles to use motion detection technology, due to be rolled out on a number of consoles later this year."

"It will include songs from the singer's back catalogue, including the hits Billie Jean and Beat It.

At an announcement in Los Angeles, Ubisoft's Tony Key said: "Your goal is to dance like Michael."

R.I.P. Michael
We love you.

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