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Monday, June 7, 2010

More Stunday Stuff

(i.e. more random crap)

Common sense vs. stupid people:

Common sense win!

(9gag, thanks to Adam for the original)

Oh dear.


MSNBC Dude Tells Chick To Metaphorically Get Back in the Kitchen

"Feel good moments" are overrated.
(Barstool Sports)

Apparently he is compensating for something...

Wow. Just... wow.

Fargo Man Wipes His Shit In Fiancee’s Face When She Complains About Money
"Police here arrested a Moorhead man who allegedly wiped feces on his fiancĂ©e’s face during an argument early today. Sgt. Mark Lykken said the engaged couple got into an argument about money while the man was using the bathroom. The man allegedly reached into the commode and grabbed feces and wiped it on the woman’s face, he said. The woman’s son attempted to call 911, but the man allegedly grabbed the phone and stopped him, Lykken said."
(Barstool Sports)

And some family photos:

I like the parents' resolve. Not being able to stand is no reason they can't include baby.
I just hope the finish the shoot before the tape gives out.
(Awkward Family Photos)

This is just really creepy.
Are they envisioning what the future may bring? What might have been?
And if it's not theirs, where did mirror-couple get the baby?
(Awkward Family Photos)

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