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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh Cops...

Who's Watching the Watchmen?

Not that I don't appreciate policemen and their duties, but sometimes I do think they get a little egotistical and even corrupt.
I know the big scandals get taken by the FBI, but who has the authority to stand up to them on the little things like these:

Maryland State Police charge a motorcyclist in connection with videotaping a traffic stop, then posting it on YouTube.

Of course he was going 100mph and popping wheelies, but what's with the gun?
And then after posting the video, police entered his home, threatened to arrest him, and seized his computers.

Framingham cop accused of gun threat
Barstool got this pictures somewhere, don't ask me where

"A Framingham Police officer is accused of pointing his gun at a man and threatening to shoot him, according to a department e-mail which is part of an investigation into the actions of two officers."

"The e-mail was written by Lt. Harry D. Wareham and sent to Police Chief Steven Carl and Lt. Michael Hill.

In the message, Wareham describes a phone call he received from the regional manager of EZ Storage, who told him about an incident around 6:30 p.m. on April 29 at the business at 501 Cochituate Road involving two managers there and two men said to be police officers.

A male employee said he heard his wife tell a man that he was not allowed to urinate outside the business.

The man "then turns towards his wife with his penis in his hand. She tells the man do you realize what you are doing: it is a crime in Massachusetts to expose yourself to a female. The man yells back to her 'then stop looking.' "

The male employee then said he drove his golf cart toward the car and the driver "points a gun at him and tells him to 'move it or get shot; you are interfering with the police,' " according to the e-mail."

Both cops are now on paid administrative leave, which is another thing I've never understood. I get that they could be innocent, so they shouldn't have their wages taken away until proven otherwise, but if they are guilty and should have been fired, didn't they just get a free vacation? I think they should be forced to pay that money back.
(Metrowest Daily News via Barstool Sports)

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