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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Comics

A few:

It's even worse now with them just regurgitating Facebook statuses or tweets:

Hooray reform!
(Michael Ramirez)

I thought this one was kinda funny...
Might have been funnier if the parallels to slavery weren't so clear. Unless he meant to do that; in that case it's good to acknowledge the issue of slavery and the detrimental effect it's had on society.
But then he did use monkeys... in which case that's pretty offensive and racist.
(Cyanide and Happiness)


These are some longer ones...


And another instant classic from The Oatmeal:

Minor Differences

[I wonder if he's had personal experiences with old people and capslock... (Note: the AARP shirt and uber-cool 133MHz Packard Bell)]



I will admit I once got into a brief exchange with this middle-aged couple who refused to move to the right and were blocking the walking-lane on the escalator. I said 'excuse me' and everything! They claimed they had never heard of moving to the right while standing on an escalator.

(The Oatmeal)

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