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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three-clip Thursday

There are only three people, including my manager, in my group at my new job. Hope he doesn't like smooth-jazz...


The Most Inappropriate Mom Ever

What. Just. Happened? Let's recap:
  • This mom exists. Terrible.
  • One son made it rain. The other tried to shove dollars down her pants while she gyrated. Terrible.
  • Upon being unable to get said dollar bills down her pants, he attempted to force them into her belly button. Terr- okay, that was quite funny.
(link thanks to Kuong)

Little Kid on Bike Rides Into Pole
It's not funny to laugh, but I'm sure the kid is fine. Kids that age just bounce back up.

I think the best part about that clip is that sound he makes when he hits the tree.
Nothing over-the-top, like most movie crashes nowadays, just a nice satisfying 'crunch'.
(via Barstool Sports)

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