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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3 Great Rants

In honor of the Patriots vs Lions game tomorrow, here is a game prediction/warning to Mr. Tom Brady:

(heard this morning on The Sports Hub)

UCF Professor's lecture on cheating

Totally on the students' side on this one. If a professor copies an exam that's readily found online, I think it's his own fault.

Basically what el pres said:
"I don’t get how UCF is just discounting the fact this professor claimed he made his own tests from scratch and then used the cookie cutter one? That seems pretty fucking cut and dry to me. Like how could they think they were cheating if he specifically said he didn’t use those ones? But let’s ignore that overwhelming fact for a second here. The bottom-line is that any college professor who uses a textbook produced midterm exam deserves to get “cheated on” or better yet fired. I mean how fucking lazy can you be? Obviously tests in test banks are going to be available on the internet. Duh. As a student you’d almost have to be an idiot not to practice with them. So spare me the righteous indignation here. If anybody should be mad here it should be the students for paying 10′s of thousands of dollars to go to a school where the professors half asses it. Not to mention the fact the way they are handling this is total bullshit. Basically either admit what you did was wrong regardless of whether you believe it or not and get a free pass or stick to your guns and fail even though you did nothing wrong. Seems fair."
(via Barstool)

And you can't have a blog about rants with out Kanye:

His 9-minute monologue on George Bush, Katrina, Taylor Swift, the Matt Lauer interview, and more!
(via The Daily What)

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