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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick Pics

A baby... dressed as Kim Jong Il.
(The Daily What)

Bob Marley, apparently.
I would have loved to be this guy's tattoo artist...
"I'm a huge Bob Marley fan, I want his name and face tattooed on me forever!"
"Sir, this is not Bob Mar..."
"Hey! Who's the Bob Marley fan here? You just do your job.   hehe... Wait til the guys at the fan club get a load of this."
(Ugliest Tattoos)

"And just like that, all of Josh's long years in therapy were undone."
(Cake Wrecks)

Now there's an actor accepting his role in life. Well, that and Reading Rainbow.
[Side note: Apparently Reading Rainbow 2.0 is in the works!]
"Nice try, Geordi, but we both know you can’t fix coolant leaks worth a damn."
(The Daily What)

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