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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In the News: December 15, 2010

Just a weird, weird week...

Parallel park attempt on Appleton Street turns vehicle upside down
To evade the wrath of many, I will not comment on the gender of the driver.

The dangers of parallel parking...

"A woman who was reportedly attempting to parallel park her car on Appleton Street was transported to Mt. Auburn Hospital Sunday, Oct. 31, police said. The extent of her injuries was unknown, authorities said."

"Witnesses at the scene told officers that the 41-year-old Everett woman appeared to be parallel parking when the car flipped over. Police said upon further investigation, they determined that speed was not a factor in the crash but that human error was most likely the cause. Officers believe she may have accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, causing the rear end of the vehicle to jump the curb and climb a tree, resulting in the car flipping over. Another parked car at the scene sustained damage."
(via Barstool)

Joba Chamberlain Had The Best Winter Meetings Of Any Yankee
Not really a news story, but this picture (and caption) is awesome.

"Chamberlain's living it up at Disney World as we speak, and the husky manchild appears to have made a new friend."


THE TRUTH ABOUT TWITTER: Half Of Twitter Users Never Listen To A Word Anyone Else Says
Not surprising at all...

"The recent Pew study about Twitter usage revealed a few interesting things.

First, only 8% of American adults use Twitter. This is more evidence that, despite its enormous popularity among tech and media folks--and its massive global user numbers--Twitter has yet to go mainstream.

Second, fully half of these Twitter users basically never listen to a word anyone else says. In other words, half of Twitter users use Twitter as a sort of digital closet that they go into once in a while to mutter to themselves, with no one else listening.

Third, less than a quarter of Twitter users, meanwhile, or 2% of American adults, are heavy Twitter users, using Twitter the way many tech and media folks do: Obsessively checking it several times a day to watch the news go by.
(Business Insider)

I'm sure he does...

Oklahoma City man admits conning baby sitters by posing as autistic and wearing diapers
Abhorrent or genius?

"An Oklahoma City man seeking sexual stimulation acted severely autistic and wore diapers to con baby sitters into caring for him, police reported.

He told police he did it “for a sexual purpose,” court records show.

Mark Anthony Richardson Jr., 21, twice this year fooled baby sitters into watching him at their homes in Oklahoma City, police reported. The baby sitters told police he would get sexually aroused when they cleaned him while changing his diapers, police said.

Police said he grabbed the breast of one baby sitter's 18-year-old daughter during an overnight stay in September. Her mother told her “to go back to sleep because he did not know what he was doing,” police reported.

"Richardson — who is 4 feet 9 inches tall — is being held in the Oklahoma County jail."

"The woman said that on that first night she changed his diaper and got him clean clothes.

She said she read him a bedtime story because he kicked and screamed when she put him in bed.

She said she gave him a bottle with baby formula which he drank “with a straight face.” She later gave him a bottle of Kool-Aid.

She reported that during most stays he would not be still when she changed his diapers.

“He would get up and run around the house. She would have to catch him to finish putting his diaper back on,” police reported.

“Looking back on everything now, knowing he was not autistic while she was wiping him and cleaning him up completely disgusts her,” police reported. “She believed initially she was caring for an autistic person, but he was actually someone using her to get stimulated.”
(via Barstool)

And to top it all off, Vladimir Putin sings 'Blueberry Hill'
I can no longer listen to that song.

"At a children’s cancer charity fundraiser in St. Petersburg attended by Kevin Costner, Gerard Depardieu, Mickey Rourke, Sharon Stone, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, and others, Russian PM Vladimir “Fats” Putin sings “Blueberry Hill.”
When the hostess approached Putin’s table and asked him to sing for the audience, his immediate reaction was “are you kidding me?” But the hostess was determined to get the prime minister on the mic and reminded him about the songs he sang with the Russian sleeper agents extradited from the US last summer. Putin attempted to evade the proposal by saying that the singing she was referring to had come from the heart. However, after seeing the pictures of ill children shown to the audience on the big screen, he took to the stage. “Like the majority of people I cannot — but do like to sing and to play — so you’ll have to rough it,” he warned as he sat at the piano and played the beginning of Blueberry Hill."
(via The Daily What)

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