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Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekend!: Video Edition

Extraneous Lyrics

"You should go procreate with yourself"
(via TBT)

Short film directed by Nicholas Gurewitch of The Perry Bible Fellowship!
(One of my favorite comics- Very sad that it's not updated much anymore...)

Wait for it...
(via The Daily What)

Best MMA finishing move ever

Off-the-wall kick to the head, anyone?
(via Deadspin)

Muppet-Themed Proposal
Pretty awesome (and complex) proposal.

"The Proposal is a short film I created to propose to my longtime love, Sara. Filmed and edited like a movie trailer, the proposal was shown in a real movie theater at the Red River Theater in Concord New Hampshire on 12/12/10 at 4pm. Dear friends and family snuck into the theater after the lights went down and were present when the trailer debuted."
(via The Daily What)

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