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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Best and Worst Identities of 2010

One of my favorite branding blogs, Brand New, goes through the best and worst rebrandings of the past year.

A few of The Worst:

MTV lops off the bottom and acknowledges they have nothing to do with music anymore:

Seattle's Best goes generic. Almost as bad as Tropicana's attempt two years ago.

Worst combination logo ever?

And the obvious winner:

And some of The Best:

Black Star:

Very clever 'CNN en Espanol' redesign:

 Hooray simplification! Reminds me of the Coke can refresh years ago.

And the winner:
Definitely better, but I'm still not sure what the little fuzzy blotch is for.


Trevor Lai said...

I'm not digging the new starbucks change...so I'd add it to the worst category


NW said...
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NW said...

Haha, agreed.
Here's a prediction for the evolution of the Starbucks logo.