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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HumpDay Pics

If you really, really don't have anything to do at work today.

Michael Douglas: That guy
(via The Daily What)

Come on... it's a Nikon!
(thanks to Adam)



Brian Baumgartner Totally Looks Like This happy seal:

Speaking of 'The Office'...

A galaxy far, far away...
"The most complete Star Wars Universe star chart compiled to date."
I am amazed by both the detail and the fact that someone actually spent time to make it...
(via The Daily What)

The Catholic Church begs to differ:

Oh Shawna...

And everyone's been talking about Starbucks' new size:
Larger than the average capacity of the human stomach. Interesting...
(National Post)

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Vickie said...

omg that picture of michael douglas is so freaking funny