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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Quick 2011 Update

Before we all have to return to work and our regular, holidayless lives tomorrow...

Kicking it off with DJ Earworm's annual mash up of the year's top songs.
Here's the 2010 edition:

Not sure if I like this year's version. Disregarding the fact that some of those were the top songs.. I think he might be trying to do too much at once. Let's just hope this is a Phil Spector phase and next year will be a little more simple/cleaner.

2011 has just started but I'm calling it now, Product of the Year:

I've been looking for a new area rug and I think I've finally found one I like!
(picture is unrelated)


Man Found his Double on Facebook

A STUNNED photographer told yesterday how he met his exact double on Facebook - and discovered they lived only about 10 miles apart.

Graham Comrie feared someone was impersonating him online when a friend emailed to say a man was pretending to be him on the social networking site.

His "impersonator" was even said to be using his photos.

The more Graham looked into it, the stranger it got - until he realised this person wasn't trying to imitate him but appeared to be his doppelganger.

Amazed by what he saw, he contacted his lookalike, Graham Cormie, and discovered they were leading parallel lives.

The Grahams soon realised they were both professional photographers.

And as the two men chatted online, they found out they both had red-headed wives and were both set to celebrate their silver wedding anniversaries next year.

Other striking similarities included that they both had two daughters and both owned Lhasa Apso dogs.

When they saw each other's pictures, they realised they were the absolute spitting image of each other, too.
(via Neatorama)

More news!
Also amusing, but no one makes new friends at the end of this story...

"How to Know You're Hating Correctly"
(via BuzzFeed)

Baby hate everything.
What the hell baby?!

(via TBT)

And here, have some comics:

Seriously, I think I'm still in shock.
(Doghouse Diaries)

Be safe this year!

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