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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Musing: Tired Parents

Recently, a few people I know had babies and a trend among all of them was how tired they always were.
Both parents.

I bring this up because it got me wondering how this was evolutionarily possible.
Both caretakers are exhausted, sometimes close to the point of delusion, and somehow we managed to make it out of Africa without being eaten by lions.

Within a few hours, his body would be reduced to bones (before the hyenas got there, they eat bones) and little Joey would be on his own (considering he's a baby, he'd probably be a goner too... just being honest).

Obviously, after a little thought it was clear there were several reasons this happens:
1. Humans used to be more communal in our child rearing tactics. (Of course "used to" refers to how Western societies now raise their children. Many societies around the world continue to raise their children in a communal fashion). We still drop our babies off at daycare, but only after we're satisfied we put in enough time into their development. "Two years worth of raising a human being?? That's more than enough, they're someone else's problem during the day now!"
2. We have tamed nature and have virtually no predators to fear. No baby-stealing-dingoes around here at least.
3. Our means of living (now 'working' as opposed to hunting and farming) are less physically demanding. Desk jobs require almost no physical requirements at all! (And sometimes no cognitive requirements either...)

15 minutes of thought. Three reasons is good. There were no additional factors contributing to the complex evolution of child rearing tactics from our origins in Africa to 'modern' Western styles.
Think I'll publish a paper on this.
Title: "Fact: Lions would eat us if we didn't have KinderCare*"

*Note: I have no affiliation with KinderCare, it was just the first generic one that came to mind. You can send your kid to a Montessori school if you want.


Orlee Forest said...

Hello there,

I am wondergin about the great photo you have on this blog, father laying on the carpet..

I am creating a story board for a new concept by the name of Bearth-day, web site: http://bearth-day.org , and a presentation for a Ted-X conference in March.
In the story board I would like to use a photo of a very tired parent, to demonstrate gratitude to our parents for the hard work our parents had to endure.

Is your photo an original taken by you? It is great!
And would you give me permission to use it in our presentation?

I appreciate your response and best wishes to you,
Lee Forest

NW said...


It is a generic photo I found via a Google search. It is not mine, so I cannot give permission to use it.
If you don't mind not know the source, feel free to take it off my blog.