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Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Update to Appease the Masses

Apparently my friend Katie thinks all these updates are easy work...

There's also 'copy', 'paste', and adding witty comments!
(via The High Definite)

Bear Grylls makes a seal-shirt:
(via Barstool)

How Star Wars Changed the World:
(via Chart Porn)


An anti-racism pamphlet from Australia, apparently:
(via reddit)

Mace Windu is secure in his sexuality, OK?

What's good for the Bible is good for Facebook:
(via 9gag)

Lady Gaga is to Heat Miser
(Totally Looks Like)

As Cee Lo Green is to Bingo (from Banana Splits?)
(Totally Looks Like)

'It's SHIT LIKE THIS Prius owners...'
(via reddit)

Princeton Swim Team Lip Dub

I hereby retract my elongated W.T.F. from the Bear Grylls seal-shirt and affix it to this video.

"Let me start by saying I don’t just casually throw around the gay bomb on the Stool. I love gays. Everybody knows that. So when I say the Princeton Swim Team made the gayest lip dub ever I mean that in the most literal sense.. Not that it’s lame video, which it is, but rather that the people in it actually prefer penis over vagina. That’s why I used it there. I mean what other conclusion can one draw after watching that? And I know the PC police is going to come out of the woodwork and say they made this video for a sick friend of theirs and wanted to put a smile on his face. Well isn’t that just mushy gushy! However the fact remains if they didn’t want to get made made fun of they should have made it a private video. So spare me the sick kid sob story. This video had to be ripped."
(via Barstool)

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