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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sunday Post

Everyone's Gmail looks like this:
Silly AIM...

Hipsters desperately want to like The Beatles

Various guns vs water bottles:

So awesome, it feels fake.
The Russian accent, all the guns, and the fact that he labeled his video: "Big Wet Jugs".
(via The Daily What)


They're not the best donuts, but...
(via 9gag)

Wayne Rooney goal vs Manchester City
Wayne Rooney Overhead Kick Goal
(link thanks to Adam)

The video is posted as "Obnoxious Black Dude Playing Starcraft", but I don't want to sound racist so I'm not going to assume that guy is any particular race...

Unrelated side note: There needs to be more videos of black guys playing video games and narrating.
(via Barstool)

Get with it, dad!

Crazy paintings:

(via 9gag)

Dumbledore is rolling in his grave:

(via Hawtness)


Damn you xkcd...

(via xkcd)

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