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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Four 'Daily What' Videos

Not much time today, so this will have to do:

This Is Moving, You Should Watch It of the Day: On the Brazilian dance show Se Ela Dança, Eu Danço, 20-year-old Brazilian street dancer John Lennon da Silva brings judge João Wlamir to unexpected tears during a stirring original re-interpretation of Mikhail Fokine’s The Dying Swan.

Lights Out: Ah, the ol’ creepy little girl in the hotel corridor gag. Works every time.

Adorable Animal Being Adorable of the Day: A slow loris holding a tiny umbrella. You better have a damn good explanation for why you’re still reading this caption.

Candy Challenge of the Day: Remember when you were three and your dad made you scale the door frame to reach a piece of candy he’d attached to a central air duct?

Those were the days.

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