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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun Things That I Find Interesting

If you've read any of my other posts, clearly I am not very good at naming posts.
This is no exception.

Vote for the cover of Madden12!
I don't care about any others, but please please vote for Danny Woodhead.
How awesome would it be for an undrafted, undersized RB to make the cover of Madden?
(Rhetorical question. Answer: F-ing awesome)

One Man Disney Movie

Honestly, this guy's falsetto freaks me out (and it's a little annoying). That part aside, this is absolutely filled with Disney-goodness.
Side note: apparently he works at Pixar too?!
(via The High Definite)

Will Charlie Sheen get his "Two and a Half Men" job back?

"Maybe Charlie Sheen really is winning after all. Oh maybe it's, "Duh, winning"?

The recently fired star of "Two and a Half Men," current tweeter and soon-to-be live tour star has been offered his job back by CBS, tweets NBC's Jeff Rossen, citing unnamed sources.

The tweet reads, "Sources close to Charlie Sheen tell NBC News, CBS has offered him his job back. Discussions ongoing. Not a done deal."

Rossen follows with a second tweet, "Per my sources: CBS is happy to have Charlie Sheen back on show...IF Warner Bros, Chuck Lorre, and Sheen can settle differences." Rossen has reported extensively on Sheen.
Icing on top?
This was a CBS News article about a NBC source's tweet. So... other networks are more informed?

As stated on Barstool:
"I briefly dated a girl in high school that was a level five clinger. A friend of mine once said to me: “Drew you know what’s so great about your girl…you could punch her in the face and she would cover it up for you. She’d probably tell her friends she ran into a doorknob or fell down the steps.” CBS is six thousand times more pathetic than that."

(CBS News via Barstool)


FedEx: Our Changing World
For some reason (I'm not quite sure why FedEx decided to do this), FedEx generated this cool, interactive world map on various global topics.
The map is re-sized based on how the magnitude of the selected parameter relates to each country.

Here is one on 'Foreign Direct Investment in 2008'
(link thanks to Amanda... clearly sent to me in recognition of my love for infographics)

Historically Hardcore
Very cool ad campaign by the Smithsonian.

One-upping the mainstream (and calling 50Cent a wuss)... I love it.

Also considered: "Ozzy bit the head off a bat. Andrew Jackson marched thousands of Native Americans to death."

I always thought this factoid was just ridiculous.
(link thanks to Megs... hopefully sent to me in recognition of my love for history and not assuming I have a love of gun-violence, swearing, or rape/pillaging)

And if you get bored at work, play this:

Famous Objects from Classic Movies
(link, but I forget who sent this to me...)

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