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Thursday, March 24, 2011


'For Your Entertainment'
For the longest time I thought that store, FYE, meant 'for your ears'.
Not really sure why... Maybe because the local store replaced a 'Strawberries' which was music-centric.

Mighty Ducks Gangsta Rap
(NSFW- language)
The ridiculousness actually made me laugh out loud.

Really hope Gloria Estefan sees this. She would be so pleased to hear her lyrics "gangsta rap" style.
(via Barstool)

Follow up to the Hipster Trap...
The "Bridge and Tunnel Trap" AKA the Jersey Shore Trap.
(via The Daily What)

2 Year Old Drummer
This kid is awesome.

Several more on his YouTube page.
(via 9gag)


Master Pogi (Dragon Ball) IRL!

Can you imagine having to hand out your business card?
I'm just hoping they pronounce it differently. Kinda like Tobias' Analrapist title.
In case you were wondering, it's a real company.

Most Common Names in Europe:
Oliver and Olivia? Really, Great Britain?
(via 9gag)

2009 Called
Hm... Bending the laws of physics seems like an awful lot of effort just to get their shirt back...

Really guys, I have ADD.
(Doghouse Diaries)

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