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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Humpday Update

Actually, we're over the hump, but here's to Thursday!

Can we just have a universal indicator for girl-wants-you-to-listen vs girl-wants-you-to-problem-solve?
Maybe attach a little toggle switch to every female labeled with how she wants us to respond.
(Doghouse Diaries)

... nothing to say

Informative video on: Kissing

New tidbits learned:
1. 'X' means kiss?! I vaguely remember someone telling me this, but 'X' makes so much more sense as arms crossing, i.e. hugs; and 'O' makes more sense as puckered lips.
2. Between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria are exchanged with each kiss
3. (Watch the video for the very last piece of info)
(via The Daily What)



I love Legos and I love movies.
(via 9gag)

The Chinese-American Jew living in Hawaii: The happiest man in America
"According to new research, the happiest man in the U.S. isn’t a billionaire or movie star but a 65-year-old Chinese-American Jewish man who lives in Hawaii.

Alvin Wong was named America’s happiest citizen after Gallup conducted a three-year poll asking U.S. nationals about their job satisfaction, emotional health, diet and other indicators of wellbeing.

And Mr Wong’s status as a married, financially solvent father living in the nation’s happiest state means he is the American with the most reason to smile.

The kosher-observing Jew was found through a synagogue in Honololu, the capital of the happiest state in the union.

Other facts that led to his topping of the happiness index include his height (5ft 10in), age and finances – he runs his own health business and earns around $120,000 a year.
(Dailymail via Barstool)

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