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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday Quickie

Gotta clear my head after seeing this infuriating video...

Anyway, they still haven't found the Egyptian Cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo.
And now he's taunting everyone from behind the Twitter-fence.

And one of his (her?) latest:
"I agree with Brett Favre. Snakes should be set free!"
(BronxZooCobra via Barstool)

Just How Deadly Is Nuclear Energy?

"The Fukushima meltdowns may have derailed hopes that American will be upping its investments in nuclear energy anytime soon. And no wonder: It wasn't but a couple days after the tsunami that you regularly saw misguided "environmentalists" claiming there's no way we can prevent disasters like the one that struck Japan.

But the fact is, these arguments aren't based in fact, and this simple, utterly powerful infographic by famed business writer Seth Godin illustrates why. What you see are the deaths per terawatt hour of energy produced:

(Fast Co)


Speaking of that Japan thing...
Another crazy tsunami video:

(via The Daily What)

In case you were wondering, I've not lost all hope for overcoming government ineptitude.
We just need to follow these steps!


Amy Adams = Lois Lane?
Interesting choice... I'm curious to see how this will play out.

She already has the alliterative-name-thing going for her...

"Rumors have been circulating for a while now about which actress would win the role of Lois Lane in Zack Snyder‘s Superman. Back in February, reports named Kristen Stewart, Rachel McAdams, Jessica Biel, Dianna Agron, Malin Akerman, Olivia Wilde, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and either Kristen Bell or Lake Bell as being among the actresses up for the part — yes, it was one of those roles, where it seems like every young actress is rumored at one point or other.

The part has finally been cast, and it’s a name that I don’t think has come up much before: three-time Academy Award nominee Amy Adams.

18th Century Stuffed Lion
Man, they looked different back then...

"Story goes that, in 1731, King Frederick I of Sweden received a lion skin as a gift from the Bey of Algiers. The taxidermist tasked with mounting it had never seen a lion in real life, and only had a vague idea of what one was supposed to look like.

The resulting monstrosity (above) remains on display at Gripsholm Castle for all to see.

Good ol' Sweden...
(via The Daily What)

And one more quick jab to our dear legislators:

WHY IS CALIFORNIA BROKE? Because They Tax The Rich...

You know what he's thinking about our government. If only it were that easy...

"The budgets of states like California and New York have been blown to hell since the financial crisis, and even in the lukewarm "recovery," they're miles from being balanced.


One big reason, Robert Frank points out in the WSJ, is that these states depend enormously on the welfare of their richest residents.

Almost half of California's income taxes come from the top 1% of earners. In New York, the percentage is now 41%, up from 25% in 1994. In Connecticut and New Jersey, the top 1% pay more than 40%.

Being so dependent on super-rich people is great when times are good, because revenues soar. But the trouble is that the earnings of super-rich people are super-volatile, so when times are bad, or even mediocre, tax revenues plummet.

If governments approached budgeting the way smart people would, they would run massive surpluses in boom times, thus storing acorns for the inevitable winter ahead. But if our government officials have demonstrated anything over the years, it's that they are utterly incapable of doing this. Instead, they look at the revenues in the boom times and think "WOW! We're rich! We can spend every penny of that and more!"

And then the boom times end and deficits explode.

"For budgets dependent on the incomes of super-rich people to remain sustainable, government officials have to see the huge revenues in the boom years for what it is: Temporary.

And everything we know about government in this country suggests that that will never, ever happen.
(Business Insider)

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