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Thursday, March 10, 2011

While Watching Lakers/Heat...

Everyone's been talking about it...

The UPS truck that crashed and spilled ink over Route 128:

Looks like they could have used a real-life version of this:
Seussian Lego sorter
(brothers brick)

This one is for my sister:
Time Lapse Grapes to Raisins

(The Daily What)


World's Worst Resume?
And the most entertaining.
#1 – Starting off with your date of birth — brilliant strategy. You’re going to want potential employers to know that you’re too old for the job as soon as they start reading.

#2 – Undergrad degree with a school that no longer exists. Glassboro State is now Rowan, but that doesn’t matter. Just make sure you put your grad year in case they didn’t already get that you’re too old for the job.

#3 – Work experience. Be very clear that you were fired from any job you’ve ever had. You wouldn’t want to make too good of a first impression. They may give you responsibilities.

#4 – Divulging your criminal past. If they haven’t figured out that your Law/Justice degree was just a cover while you were working your way into the mob by now, this should give them the hint. And they should know that “terroristic threats” was only you telling your ex-wife that you’re gonna kill her entire new family while they’re sleeping. Two years in prison is nothing, really.

#5 – Goals: you’ve already achieved one. You wanted to do job seeking and here you are. Congrats, buddy. Now maybe it’s time to get back into the family business: robbing casinos.

Everything wrong with political discourse:
Also the reason political incumbents need to be removed?

Machete Stunt Fail:

Wish the cameras kept rolling after he threw water on it... Everyone (apparently not) Most people know not to douse an oil fire with water.

Last, but certainly not least:

Happy 71st Birthday Chuck Norris!

Wait, Chuck Norris is 71?!
Not that age matters since Chuck Norris cannot die...

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