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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Worst Troll Ever?

Apparently that girl, TamTamPamela, was a troll.

I'll admit, I fell for it. (She still has a really creepy voice/demeanor).
But really, that was in poor, poor taste
I don't picket your grandmother's funeral. Then, while you're still burying her shout, "Haha. Trolled!"

What is interesting is that she seemed to have put a lot of effort into this. There were dozens of crazy conservative Christian rants on her page; but then, rather than leave the videos up, she disabled her whole account.
Also interesting(/sad?)- The fact that there are enough people like her in the US that her act (if it was an act, rather than a ploy to avoid more death threats) seemed truly believable. Just look at that WNBA player's tweet.


Anonymous said...

Pffft, I saw skeptics lining up to bash fundies and conspiracy theorists for stuff they hadn't even said yet hours after the quake. This girl also bashed them while pretending to be one and suddenly she's of bad taste. I'm not buying the mock outrage. The point is that too many people get a buzz off of feeling better and smarter than others and that's why she trolls. It's funny.

MofaME said...

So her bashing fundies isn't an example of her "feeling better and smarter than others" as well?
I don't mind making fun of people, but using a tragedy to make yourself popular is no way to do it.
I don't see anyone making fun of 9/11 or Haiti and calling it funny.