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Monday, April 11, 2011

4 Videos...

as seen on Barstool Sports.

Drunk Cubs Chick

Don't really know what to say... But if you only have time for one video, watch this one.

Swedish Army Commercial Makes Fun of American Military Commercials

Do you think Swedes know the commercial is making fun of US commercials?
Regardless, wouldn't you want the opportunity to have awesome amphibious assaults in cool black uniforms, rather than running through a snowy obstacle course... in woodland camouflage?

Nike Commercial Featuring DeSean Jackson, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Chris Bosh
(Cameo by Ken Griffey, Jr! Goofy grin and all...)

This one I just need to copy Barstool's commentary:
"It’s just a shame that Chris Bosh never ever looks cool. Like not even an animated Nike commercial can make this dude not look like a lanky dork. DeSean’s swag is effortless. Even L’chaim Knickerbocker Matisyahu himself seems like a pretty cool guy. But poor Bosh. Nerdy as shit. Third fiddle again. Fourth if you include Griffey."

Man Feminists

What the hell is this?!
My bet is on the fact that they're in a rehab course for female-brutality and had to make the video as part of their rehabilitation.
No other explanation.

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