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Thursday, April 21, 2011

4/20 Comics!

So technically it's no longer 4/20 (east of EDT), but hopefully these will help you continue your giggle-fits while you munch on your Fritos...

Curiosity: Men vs Women
Time to test this out...
(Doghouse Diaries)

Thank you, Dear Lord Baby Jesus.
I'd ask him if he ever got with Mary Magdalene.


Speaking of time travel...

A glimpse of the future (xkcd style):

Another The Oatmeal instructional:
I've done scenarios 1 and 3.

(The Oatmeal)

'She' certainly has a lot of opinions...

Speaking of opinions...

Dilbert sure complains about his boss a lot
I've often wondered how long Scott Adams actually worked in 'industry' before moving over to comics.
How does he stay so in-touch with office life? Do you think he takes field trips to office buildings when he needs inspiration?

[My boss is a ChemE, so I can do this by discussing mechanics.]
[I enjoyed the dig at libertarians]


I love puns.
I'd pick less popular superpower, Italy. It's like the Ant-Man (of the Avengers) of the G8.
You're not really sure why he's there, but he's always been so might as well let him stay.

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