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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let's talk about sex...

OKCupid does some more interesting statistics analysis on their users...
Data mining at that place must be a sociologist's wet dream!

Here are several charts generated, displaying their findings:

 I bet it has something to do with shorter attention spans... Or the fact that they think we care about their every (bowel) movement.

Good ol' Christianity...
Apparently 'guilt' is as good of a truth serum as 'I don't give a crap, FSM won't judge me'.


Wait... there are people who enjoy exercise?

This one is interactive! (Click to visit the site)

 Sex drive for men:

Those crazy old men...

Hahaha. England?!


And here are a couple more interactive charts... (Again, go to the OKCupid site to play with them)

That's Sarah Lawrence in the upper-right corner, in case you were wondering...

And Switzerland leading the way here:
(OKCupid via Chart Porn and Business Insider- both must be Twitter users...)

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gotr0 said...

Stats are fun! Vegetarians are lacking some meat huh?