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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekend Dump

A whole bunch of leftovers I've been meaning to post.

Barack Obama and his mom:
(via The Daily What)

Massive 20-module Great Ball Contraption goes on forever
I could watch these contraptions all day...

Especially cool are all the creative ways it includes for moving the balls.
One of my favorites is at 2:05.
(via Brothers Brick)


Samsung Will Have A Hard Time Proving It Didn't Rip Off These iPhone Icons
Apparently Apple is suing Samsung for allegedly copying a lot of their technology and putting it into their Galaxy line of phones and tablets.
I just assume every company is copying each other (and they are constantly suing each other as well), so I just ignore most of the chatter.

However, the similarity of these icons are a little hard to ignore... (Apple on the left, Samsung on the right)
Really Samsung? Now that's just being lazy...
(via Business Insider)

Angry Korean Friend Chicken:
So so angry...
(via 9gag)

People Get Around Like the Fatties in WALL-E
Spoiler Alert!: One of my favorite parts of WALL-E is when all the fatties get knocked out of their chairs and roll around the deck.

Congratulations fellow humans. We are now one step closer to that.

(Yanko Design)

Chart tracking the median Rotten Tomatoes score for the top ten highest grossing films of the year from 1950 to present day
I'm not sure if this means movies themselves or the public's taste in them is getting worse... Probably both.
(via The Daily What)

Why I check my voicemail:
So true...

How To Hide A 4-Car Garage In San Francisco
If there's one thing I dislike about SF, it's the lack of street parking.
And when you think you find a space, it's in front of one of those tiny garages.

But if I saw this one open, I would be less angry and more in awe.
(via The High Definite)

Free Speech... isn't free
I wonder what college this is at.
(via 9gag)

Wordle comparing words used in "boy" toy commercials vs. "girl" commercials.
Can you guess which is which?
(via Chart Porn)

I love ripping on Bono...
(via 9gag)

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