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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Catchup Post

Totally believable:
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Before & After: Tornado Destruction
"Missourian Aaron Fuhrman — a self-taught landscape photographer — has been traveling around Joplin, photographing heartrending panoramic shots of the devastation left in the aftermath of Sunday’s tornado.

Fuhrman lined up one of these panoramic photos with a Google Street View screencap of the same intersection to illustrate the comprehension-challenging extent of damage caused by the twister.
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The Rape Game:
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Oprah's Secret:
That's how she gets so much done!
(Photoshop Disasters)

Not Photoshopped: ArmLeg
(picture is unrelated)

Best Pickup Line ever?
"TMZ recently stumbled onto former child actor Raushan Hammond — best remembered for his role as Thud Butt in Steven Spielberg’s Hook — looking for his guppy on PlentyOfFish.com.

Hammond told TMZ that promoting himself “as the chubby lost boy who turns into pan at the end” has helped attract significant attention from “potential lady friends.”

Bangarang, Raushan!
Nothing says lovin like "I"m the fat kid from Hook".
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Brand Logos: Star Wars-ified

Not all good, but still clever.
(How to Carve Roast Unicorn via Neatorama)

No way. Music is just really bad now.

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