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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

See this movie: Fast Five

So I just saw this movie...

Five thoughts:

1. Go see this movie
No joke. It's awesome.

2. Fast Five = The Brazilian Job?
While Mark Wahlberg and company were sleeping, Vin Diesel and his crew just went ahead and made The Brazilian Job.
Only half joking. It could totally be the sequel: the movie is set in Brazil and is very heisty.

Follow the break for more thoughts!
(Don't worry, nothing critical revealed. But if you don't want to know anything before you see it, come back later.)


3. Ludacris became a legitimate actor?
No joke. Comparing his gimmicky self in 2 Fast 2 Furious (left) to this one (right)... boy can actually act!

4. Vin Diesel's Smirk
Not that he isn't a fine specimen of a man (see below), but Vin Diesel does this weird smirk-thing a couple times during the movie... It tries to be subtle, but looks more like he might have a nervous twitch.
Don't hurt me...

5. Asian guy gets the hot girl
OK, so this is kinda plot related, but you know what's going to happen within minutes.
Plus, this is big news! The Asian guy, Han Seoul-Oh (yes, that's his name in the movie!), gets the hottest (non-Asian) girl in the movie.
That hasn't happened since Jet Li, and never with a non-lead.
No offense Jordana Brewster, but... yea.

That is all.

What are you waiting for?!
Go go go!!

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