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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Videos

Sloth Crossing Street
Painfully slow, yet mesmerizing.

(link thanks to Derrick)

Title from Barstool:
'This Guy LOVES Him Some Smallville….(MUST WATCH VIDEO)'
Obviously I had to watch it.

Not sure it was totally worth it... but it was entertaining. (I mean, I watched the whole thing! Keeping my attention for 6+ minutes online is a feat in itself).
(via Barstool)


John Lasseter on his Hawaiian Shirt Collection
374 shirts in his active collection. (Not sure this has anything to do with his wardrobe selection).

And it's always interesting looking into the mind of one of the creative geniuses of our time.
(via /Flim)

'Hey You! What Song are you Listening to?'
I thought this was fun and interesting:

(via TDW)

Also music-related, but not as mainstream:
Death Metal Vocalist Warms Up:

(link thanks to Matt)

Tim Thomas' Amazing Save in Game 5
Though they lost tonight, this is still worth posting/watching.

(via NESN)

Planning on getting my motorcycle license... I'll need to remember to take it easy around curves.
Deer vs. Motorcycle:

(via Barstool)

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